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About Us

We understand the complexity of the Tech industry, and that is what makes us special. SEO Professionals is a cross-collaborative team of Marketing Specialists, Full Stack Developers, Data Scientists, Blockchain specialists, and experts in the industry.

We are masters at driving website traffic specifically for complex industries such as Blockchain, App Development, Software as a Service, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and many more.

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How did all start?

The story behind the legend...

In 1999 a group of friends sat around a table in a bar to talk about Y2K (some people may be too young to even know what this is), and how this would impact the IT and TECH industry. 
Most of these friends were software developers, data scientists, and IT specialists, but shared a common ground... they all wanted to contribute to the future of IT.
The Y2K was never really the cataclysm people believed it would be, but many things happened since then. The blockchain revolution came to be, along with cryptocurrencies and several TECH bubbles bursting. 
Most of these friends are still together, and after over a decade of working for some of the most well-known TECH companies in the world, they decided to muster efforts in 2012 to build something they would be proud of... a top-tier data driven marketing agency that would serve the unique needs of the IT industry.
In 2022 these group of friends celebrated the 10th anniversary of their journey together, now with many more that joined the team throughout the years. They not only celebrated that friendship and partnership had lasted for two decades, but most importantly, that they finally built something they were proud to be a part of... 
SEO-Professionals is a company, but it is also a team of people with a vision to create something that is worth being part of. Something that would not only stand the test of time, but that it would also contribute to create a future where values and people come before money and business